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The Court of Ain Sbaa in Casablanca has three guards of a Royal procession sentenced to three months imprisonment in an extremely notable case.

One of the convicts is a retired COP. The guards were appointed as observation post but would have used their access and power for private gain, reports Al Massae today. In addition to the prison sentence they get also a fine of 500 dirhams. The defendants defend themselves and say that they did nothing else than ' normal ' citizens also did: take a simple photo with the King. These pictures they took on Corniche Ain Diab. It is not known whether they appeal.

The case can be added to a row procession-related things. A few hours after the verdict it did it again. Tuesday was a few hours after the ruling an attempt nipped in the bud to the Royal procession to approach in the District of Lalla Meryem. The man has been arrested and there is an investigation started into the circumstances in which he illegally approached the King. The family of the accused indicated that he is mentally ill and under treatment.

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