Moroccan Football Federation: Rabbani remains head coach Morocco

After persistent rumors over and over again gives the Moroccan Football Federation clarity on Federal coach Renard.

Recent days buzzed the of the rumors about the possible way those Federal coach of Morocco, Hervé Renard, would take. Various Algerian and French media claimed that the keuzeheer would have had an offer of the Algerian Football Federation to the released function of national coach. This entry was contradicted yesterday by the Algerian Football Federation, however, the Moroccan Football Federation yesterday with other information.

In a press release, the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF, gives clarity about its national coach. The Association stresses that there is an offer of the Chinese Football Association has entered for Renard to coach. Also let the FRMF know that the Algerians have done a foolhardy attempt to open negotiations with the African success coach. Something was denied yesterday by the Algerian Football Association FAF.

Finally, let the League know that Hervé Renard will respect his contract with Morocco just and his remaining time will imbue. Furthermore, it is mentioned that Renard is satisfied with his position and is busy with the preparations for the upcoming World Cup qualifying game against Ivory Coast.

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