SGP does a ' Wildersje ': abolish prayer call mosque

The SGP want off of the prayer calls by mosques that on street sound. This is stated in the election manifesto of the party.

According to the Christian Party, there is a lot of resistance to the prayer calls, but may not refuse a municipality. About which resistance the ' Party for religious freedom ' it has is not known. Group Chairman Kees van der Staaij: "local authorities say nothing. Then it is time that the room in action. As far as we are concerned, sounds the call at all, but if there is no majority for it, call it back as much as possible. "

The SGP, which in this case especially youth of big brother Wilders, finds it unfortunate that the Government "the islamisation of public space" and make the calls for much unease and protest.

The Council of Moroccan Mosques in amazement has taken note of the statements made by Vasco. "The mosques who publicly a prayer call, are counting on a hand," said the spokesman for the Council. "Moreover, they all within the sound limitation and we have also received complaints about never before."

The ruling of the Chairman of the SGP confirms for the Council the fear that more and more politicians in the run-up to the elections a negative manner exhausts about Muslims or islam. "It's no longer a certain party that does this. There are now more and more. We are very much concerned about. In this way, it's going the wrong way. "

muslim discrimination
kees van der staaij