Moroccan youth do not believe in ' Islamic State '

More than 76% of young Moroccans does not believe that the terrorist organisation Daesh ever can establish an Islamic State in the Arab world.

In Dubai was a World Summit planned for the Islamic Economics on 11 and 12 October. In it was the threat of Daesh an important item on the agenda. The Summit presented a report about the look of Islamic youths on Daesh. When it comes to Moroccan youth goes it is clear: 76% of them think that never find a private spot Daesh will in the Arab world. Only 15% say it will be.

The vast majority think that Daesh the largest obstacle to stability and development in North Africa. The young people also think that unemployment will make young Moroccans join Akhbar Al Yaoum the terrorist organisation, reports today. More than 1,000 Moroccans have joined Daesh connected.

The report also States that Moroccan youth smoking are pessimistic on the situation of the Arab world, five years after the Arab spring. 72% still thought in 2012 that things would change in the Arab world, in the latest report is that only 36%. The report concludes: ' 58% of young Moroccans want stability, even at the cost of democracy. '

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