Moroccans who want to have to pay again to Mecca

The Hajj or Umrah for Moroccans who the second or third time to now serve an additional 5,500 dirham to pay on top of the applicable costs.

The Council of ministers of Saudi Arabia has created this rule. The additional surcharge is 2,000 Saudi riyals, or 5,500 dirham. Moroccan travel agents are furious. Akhbar Al Yaoum today reports that the National Federation of travel agencies (FNAV) yesterday met in Casablanca to on the issue. Also they called the Saudi authorities to reconsider their decision.

Nadia S El Kheir, Director of a travel agency in Casablanca, indicates that most travel agencies have indicated that they will boycott the Hajj and Umrah to the Saudi authorities reverse their decision. We now have 72 travel agencies in the region of Rabat-Salé-Kenitra and the regional association of travel agencies in Souss-Massa enters the boycott.

The travel agents asked the Saudi colleagues to supporting them. The decision of the Moroccan travel agencies follows after travel agencies in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey unanimously decided to travel programs for the Hajj and Umrah to boycott. If the extra surcharge for European countries is not yet known.