Drunkard rips along waiting King Mohammed VI and by red traffic light

King Mohammed VI has was able to see what fools there in Morocco.

The Queens drive increasingly alone in his car without deposits and is therefore ' ordinary ' road user. He runs the risk of being confronted with some motorists. ' Madness ', so described the newspaper Assabah today the driving behavior of a motorist. The Moroccan King Casablanca early Wednesday morning when he drove just at a traffic light at the intersection of the Boulevard Ibn Sina stopped.

At that time, ripped a 4 x 4 car at high speed and by red along him. Traffic officers who were put right near the chase but the driver suddenly changed direction to be able to escape. Also mild panic arose at the police because they feared a targeted for action. The driver was picked up by large-scale use.

Six hundred metres could force him to stop two motor agents. The driver took the matter rather lightly and suggested the fine to be paid directly to the handle. He also, however, turned out to be drunk and his car has been seized and he was taken into custody. In addition to the Red drive and flights for the police he will also stand trial for driving under the influence.

In Morocco there is a prison sentence of six months to a maximum of one year. He also risks due to drunk driving a fine of up to 10,000 dirham.

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