Drunk Moroccan woman stabs husband death

Beni Mellal is last Tuesday rocked by a bizarre murder.

The Moroccan newspaper Al Akhbar reported today. Tuesday took place in Morocco the Ashoura festivities take place around and that's a moment of joy for Moroccans. So did not, however, for a couple from the city. The husband and wife, who do not live together, the conscious morning on street hassle and for the sake of bewildered neighbors. When both returned home seemed the calm returned.

Nothing because the woman started glass after glass of alcohol. Drunk she moved to the House of her husband. Driven by revenge at both parties soon a brawl broke out when the woman grabbed a knife and her husband several times, for the watchful eye of their children. The woman fled.

When the police and forensic experts arrived they found the lifeless body of the victim in a pool of blood. He had stab wounds in his chest and abdomen. According to the newspaper, the woman shortly thereafter arrested and locked up. Also the oldest daughter of the bunch, 19, was arrested for further investigation.

beni mellal