' Gülenbeweging Netherlands put members under pressure for large donations '

Gülenbeweging in the Netherlands applies pressure on its members to donate money to the organization. That writes the Volkskrant, who spoke with seven former Dutch Gülenisten.

The interviewees speak of meetings in which Gülenaanhangers be persuaded by ABI's, men with high positions within the Organization, the greatest possible Lisa, a religious donation,. "It surprised me that not all people of our living room meeting were invited '', says the 33-year-old garage owner Mustafa Acer against the newspaper.

"Only the entrepreneurs were sitting there. An abi has raised us that evening to donate. Because the poor people had higher up. At one point someone stuck a finger on: I give 10 thousand. Someone else, someone called 50 60. I thought: How can someone with so much donate a bike shop? Then you have to sell a lot of cycling '', said Acer.

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mustafa acer