Furious Trump: his sick accusers liars

The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has hard Friday lashed out at the women who accuse him of sexual assault.

During a speech in North Carolina, he called them ill liars. "Some do it probably for what celebrity, they get what free fame. It is completely rigged, "said Trump. His campaign team also came Friday with a British witness who the story of one of the women. Jessica Leeds would be around 1980 on a flight are groped by Trump.

Anthony Gilberthorpe, who claims on the conscious flight near Trump and Leeds, says in the New York Post that the story of Leeds is not right. Gilberthorpe is in Great Britain best known for his claim in the years 80 underage boys to have delivered to sex parties of British politicians.

Trump, who last year his campaign began with the accusation that the United States sends Mexico drug dealers and rapists and the promise to put an end to to do with a wall between the two countries, a Mexican to offend again.

According to the businessman would be Carlos Slim, billionaire and majority shareholder of the New York Times Company, support the candidacy of Clinton and therefore contribute to the defeat of Trump by getting stories about the controversial sexual behavior of the Republican to publish. Both smart as the New York Times deny that there has been any contact about between the newspaper and the businessman.

Now the charges against Trump the campaign control, hits the New York real estate magnate further behind in the polls. From a Reuters/Ipsos poll published Friday shows that Trump 7 percent behind his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

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