Zionist long arm sends Wilders huge donation

The Foundation of friends of the PVV has last year more than $108,000 retrieved from the anti-Islamic organization David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC).

That says the financial daily. The donation is a lot higher than that of a year before, when the PVV received only 20,000 dollars. In 2015 the PVV got $108,000, lubricated on three terms. That is demonstrated, for example, the annual reports of political parties, which were made public by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. DHFC is extremely pro-Zionist and anti-Islamic.

That this organization helps Wilders is not all that crazy and not new. In 2012 let Horowitz already know that the two readings by Wilders has reimbursed in the US. Security costs and the hotel cost for a group of Dutch bodyguards were also paid.

Horowitz's like Wilders very controversial because they are with their work in politics or civil society Islamophobia. In a major report, called Fear, Inc., mention researchers David Horowitz as one of the main financiers for anti-Islamic organizations. Jihad Watch and right extremist Robert Spencer can all count on help.

Wilders has besides a donation of 4,500 euro DHFC also twice gotten a second contributor. The party leader has acted against the rules and his name made unreadable. Wilders has the space to reveal this anonymous giver and otherwise follows a fine of 8,000 euro, said Joop.

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