King Mohammed VI gets hard to room members

King Mohammed VI has chaired yesterday the opening of a new term after the parliamentary elections last week. He made a speech and put right the show.

Mohammed VI is known as a gentle person who mainly wants to keep with charity projects. If it needs it can also be hard, as it turns out. He did so during a speech to the first and second Chamber of Morocco. In his speech he stated that some members of the Parliament to have their personal interests for the public good.

He added that the intention is that all State institutions to serve citizens and should enable them to solve their problems in the shortest possible period. The King pointed out that procedures should be simplified and citizens must have access to these government services directly.

Mohammed VI spoke about failure in some politicians in the mission to the Moroccan people, to help. "Unfortunately, some people take advantage of their place they have been given by citizens and give priority to personal interests or those of their party, above the public interest. And that for electoral considerations, "says Mohammed VI. ' If these people want to do their jobs and do not take care of, whether it be local, regional or national, why are they at the politics involved? '

To clarify that the mean business, he once again politicians on their responsibility. He stressed that elected officials have a duty to put aside personal considerations and choosing the interests of the citizen. ' They should strive to live up to promises during the election campaign. "

In the section ' troubleshooting ' came the Moroccan temperament a bit up at the King. He expressed his frustrations with the inability of the Government to provide solutions for everyday concerns of Moroccan citizens. There he used only cynicism: ' some people do not understand why citizens the help of their King ask for simple problems and issues to solve. That would in fact say that something, somewhere, is not functioning properly. '

That citizens daily with letters and videos popping up for help from the King seems to irritate him. ' It goes without saying that citizens resorted to seek me because they see the closed doors, shortcomings in the work of government agencies or because they have been wronged. '

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