Half Morocco smuggled smartphones

The smuggling of smartphones starting serious problems for telecommunications companies.

La Vie Eco writes that over 50% of the imported smartphones in the country illegally in Morocco is smuggled. Although the phenomenon in 2015 and this year slightly dropped knows the smuggling a peak of more than 50%. The regular market has a battle struck in the area of professionalisation and the distribution network is extended, nevertheless, smuggled more than half true.

Especially Samsung has to do with the plague. Then, Apple, Huawei and Oppo. The most important smuggling suppliers are smugglers from the Gulf States (UAE) and the Maghreb (Algeria and Libya). The process for this is pretty simple, writes the source. The transmitter remove the packaging and accessories from 150 a 200 phones and sends it by courier to a contact who receives the package and send.

Dubai is proving to be a hub in the network of this trade. Smuggled can 30% cheaper smartphones sold in Morocco. Smuggling from Algeria and Libya goes on less refined manner and goes through the conventional routes. Smuggled phones from these countries are up to 1,200 dirham cheaper.

The market demands now to follow the Turkish model in which data with customs and telecom companies are shared. Last mentioned can then check the serial number and see if the phone ' activated '. SIM cards can then be blocked if necessary.