Baby left in hospital Tetouan

The police of Tetouan is looking for a woman who has a baby left in the provincial hospital Saniat Rmel.

The baby is only two months old. Cameras of the hospital have filmed the woman but her identity has not been determined. The remarkable incident took place in Saniat Rmel hospital Wednesday evening, Al Akhbar today. A woman left a baby behind on the emergency room, the doctors team with many questions behind.

The woman could have used the time the doctors and nurses on duty. When the nurses the baby and the woman visited they found the baby alone in the room. After long time waiting staff decided the authorities. The police immediately carried out a preliminary survey from which the surveillance images were viewed.

The healthy child is accommodated in a shelter for neglected children. As a result of this incident, the Hospital decided to strengthen monitoring by increasing the number of cameras in the emergency departments.

saniat rmel