Huge gemstone of 155 million euros found in Myanmar

Miners in Myanmar have a gemstone with a weight of 175 tons found, that reports the Indonesian online magazine Makassar Terkini.

The giant lump of jade is 5.8 at 4.3 metres and has a value of about 155 million euros. The gemstone was found in the Northern State of Kachin and has since been renamed the ' Heavenly stone '. Myanmar is known as one of the countries where the most beautiful gemstones in the world are found. Jade is a very hard, light to dark green gemstone.

The largest recipient of these gems is China. Also this stone will probably be sold to China, where great value is attached to jade. It used to be only Chinese emperors were allowed to jade. Now that rule no longer exists, also collect many ordinary Chinese jade objects and are thereby more popular than ever.

makassar terkini