Reports of child pornography doubled

The number of reports of child pornography is so far this year with 12,000 almost doubled compared to last year. When there were over 5500 reports, police reported Monday.

A spokesman said there was probably no more child pornography is distributed, but that the number of reports has increased mainly because, for example, companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook under u.s. law are obliged to report possible child pornography images.

All these notifications come in when the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). This organization plays the message then back to the police in the country where the image has been uploaded or downloaded. In the Rural Netherlands unit of the police further research into the messages. Police have identified this year 156 children who have been abused in this way.

The police in Rotterdam last week fourteen searches done and seventy data carriers seized. Eight suspects are heard. A suspect is stuck on suspicion of grooming. A minor through falsifi Ed means that an adult pretends to be minor and via internet contact with a minor for a physical (sex) appointment.

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