Young people trust Facebook and Google does not

Young people are hesitant to share their personal data with Facebook, Google and Twitter.

With WhatsApp they have less problems, according to responses from young people on questions of television program EenVandaag 1135. The current affairs programme asked the young people (12 to 24 years) in its panel to their verdict on the various social media. Only one in five young people trust their personal data to Facebook. Also Twitter (24 percent) and Google (34 percent) scoring low. 59 percent on WhatApp comes from, especially by the encryption of messages that the app has set up this summer.

Three quarters of the young people will find it a problem that WhatsApp is going to propagate to parent company Facebook user profiles. Most, however, is not going to not use more to make the messaging service. The ease of use they find probably more important than their privacy.

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