An increasing number of organ transplants in Morocco

Medical activities in Morocco in the field of organ and tissue transplantation has undergone a remarkable evolution.

According to the Health Ministry in a statement. According to the Ministry, there are many more operations carried out in recent years because teaching hospitals, military hospitals and other hospitals increasingly recognized the necessary technical resources. For example, 460 kidney transplants performed, a drastic increase of 220 operations.

The Ministry gave this Declaration on the occasion of the international day of organ transplantation, each year on 17 October. In addition to the kidney transplants were also 13 300 liver transplants and bone marrow and stem cell transplants. Also one heart transplant was performed. These transplants were all covered by the Government and fell under the project, in it get RAMED Moroccans who cannot afford free care.

Would Morocco more on organ donation. Therefore, the Ministry reported the establishment of an organ and tissue bank in both Marrakech and Rabat. The Ministry re-iterates that mediated settlements Moroccans more encouraged to donate organs.

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