Casablanca: alcohol and jealousy lead to murder in Group of friends

A drunken night between two friends has led to the death of one of them.

The friends, 25 and 30 years, made themselves Saturday night on a drunken night out in the area for Hay Lalla Meriem, Assabah today reports. To make the evening even better to succeed they invited three young ladies from to accompany them, of which the fiance of one of them. Sunday morning, around four in the morning, were the two young men dead drunk.

When the non-fiance young man achieved no success at the two other girls he tried it with the fiance of his buddy. That led, of course, to the anger of the fiance friend after which a brawl with knives. The fiance put out several times in on his former friend and hit him in the chest and stomach.

The three young ladies names Meanwhile escape. When the police on the ground was they could do nothing but death. The killer was arrested in a nearby Street. He was hit to the head during the fight and was covered in blood. After the emergency room he was taken to the police station.