Dutch Ambassador to China on non-active relationship

The Dutch Ambassador in China Ron Keller is laid off because of a study that runs against him, reported the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Monday.

According to the associated press the man a secret sexual relationship established with a Chinese woman who works at the Embassy in Beijing. The Ministry does not do any further announcements about the research. That the Department an Ambassador with a fine cv as that of Ron Keller on hold, comes very rarely. "I can not remember me this of the last twenty years. It seems to me that Foreign Affairs not lightly to such a decision. There need to be serious indications that there is a problem, "says diplomatic expert Robert van de Roer.

In the world of diplomacy is that shocking. Even the BBC spent there Monday attention to. "Beijing is one of the top positioning for the Dutch diplomacy. Everyone understands that the heaviest people sending you there. With Ukraine, Russia and Turkey are ambassadors experiences in Keller belongs to the top. He was very able. Then this is quite a bit. "

"The box of Ambassador has one goal: effectiveness. You're looking for the best way to represent the interests of your country. Anything that undermines, is serious. Reputation management is crucial, you live in a glass cage. A negative reputation can directly affect the Dutch interests. A possible relationship with an employee can be a problem in a country like China faster than in any other country, because it is not an open country or democracy. Though I can with the available information does not evaluate or guarantee that it is now. "

Research should show whether and to what extent Keller in the error is gone. But his reputation is in each case temporarily damaged, says of the rudder. "An Ambassador must be irreproachable. The suspension of Keller is publicly communicated, that is no fun. It is for diplomats not forbidden to fall in love, unless the operation is prohibited. That seems to be currently the case, otherwise Foreign Affairs put him on hold. "

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