Kidnapped Moroccan girl (4)

Security forces have found a girl last weekend in Asilah that previously was kidnapped in Larache.

The kidnapping of the girl dominated the headlines at the weekend in Morocco. The girl is according to Le360 as the kidnapper has been arrested. The source today reports based on police sources that the investigation is complete and that the kidnapper indeed has been arrested. The kidnapping was made Friday after which the alarm bells jingled in the region considerably.

The police in Larache region put a lot of policeman in order to keep a close eye on things. Eventually brought that rescue. A 28-year-old man walked quietly around with a girl who looked exactly as if the kidnapped girl. When the police kept him standing he confessed the abduction. The young man kidnapped the girl in revenge towards her parents, with whom he was in conflict.

His wife left him because of the conflict. If ultimate revenge he devised to kidnap the daughter of his rivals. The girl is medically examined to determine whether he has done to her something.