Moroccan gets high position at Boeing

The Moroccan engineer has managed to secure a nice function Ihssane Mounir at aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

Ihssane is Sales Director for the Northeast Asia region. The Moroccan replaces John Wojick, who retire in 2017. In his new position is Ihssane responsible for the sales and marketing of all aircraft and related business activities for airlines and leasing companies around the world.

Boeing sees in Ihssane the ideal man to propel the sell ahead to enable the company to keep pace with other aviation giants, such as Airbus. The Moroccan manager must ensure that, among other things, the 777 more often over the counter is going to prevent the production down.

Mounir is known as a ' pitbull '. He owes that to his unusual way of working and aggressiveness, according to Seattle Times. Ray Conner, president of Boeing, said in a statement that Mounir is a highly experienced head of sales. The 45-year-old Moroccan came in 1997 at Boeing working as senior engineer in aerodynamics. He turned out to be a top talent in the sale. He quickly made the switch to the business side and sold aircraft in Africa, Latin America, Western Europe, Russia and Asia.

At the age of 17, he arrived in the United States, without any knowledge of the English language. Soon he studied at Wichita State University, where he got a conditional acceptance for the study aerospace engineering. For he could start he had to the English. When that was, he started at the University, where he earned a master's degree in aeronautical engineering.

King Mohammed VI recently signed another contract with Boeing in his palace in Tangiers. The company is going to build an industrial park in Morocco aimed at aviation. Morocco's position in the aviation sector increased right to respectable height.

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