More than 75 messages about antihomoflyer Amsterdam

More than 75 people have already contacted the police in Amsterdam to report that they have taken offense to a flyer distributed last weekend with antihomoteksten.

Declaration is only possible if the Public Prosecutor considers that there is a criminal offence. That is still being investigated. Locals in the West and new-West got the flyers Saturday and Sunday in the bus. The pamphlets with texts from the Bible, Torah and Koran calling themselves Christians, Jews and Muslims to unite against homosexuality. The police finds out who sent it.

Interest organisation COC, which comes up for homosexuals, calls on people to declare if they have received the appropriate flyer. The City Council discusses the issue next Thursday with Mayor Eberhard van der Laan.

Minister Jet Bussemaker for education, culture and science spoke Monday her horror about the homophobic flyer. "This shows clearly that we must never rest when it comes to emancipation, that we must continue to fight for equal rights for men and women, straight and gay. It's good to see how appropriate the police responds to it by immediately to start an investigation into the origin of these despicable flyer. "

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