Ambulances too often too late in largest cities

Ambulances are in the two largest cities of Netherlands relatively often on site.

In Amsterdam I manage in 7 percent of the ER not to be on the ground within 15 minutes, in Rotterdam in 6 percent of cases people have to wait any longer. This is shown by a Tuesday published analysis of RTL news. Nationally, 95 percent agreed that of the ambulance rides at most a quarter. That works well in many cities: in Leiden, Dordrecht, Enschede, Heerlen and Nijmegen last year less than 2 percent came too late.

In addition to Amsterdam and Rotterdam do ambulances there in the countryside also often longer. On the island of Goeree-Overflakkee is the norm for example in 19 percent of the rides.

Zeewolde (Flevoland) rated the worst: 29 percent came later than actually intended to do. The municipalities Oirschot and mill worth are also low fliers, with 28 percent of late. A spokesman for Ambulance Amsterdam tells that the number of journeys has increased by 20 percent in five years. That is partly by aging, but also by the great growth of tourism in the capital. "Tourists do not always look good or stay with their bike in the tram rails hang. ''

Minister Edith SCHIPPERS (public health) announced that they are more funding for the ambulance care. There will be 16 million per year to the growing crowds. According to the spokesperson of the Amsterdam ambulance care improvement is a matter of long breath. "Unfortunately, it is not so that you can open a look right away nurses. It is a long training. ''