Writing Guantanamo-prisoner is free

The 45-year-old Mohamedou Ould Slahi have the United States from the degrading prison complex Guantanamo on Cuba released.

The Moor is returned to his homeland. Slahi was known by the journal that he kept in the prison for alleged terrorists. Slahi was more than ten years in Guantanamo. He studied electrical engineering in Duisburg, in Germany earlier. He hit after the attacks of 11 september 2001 in American captivity. The US suspects him of membership of al-Qaeda, but he is never charged and no evidence to support the allegations.

During his detention, he wrote in his diary about torture in Guantanamo. It appeared in 2015 under the title Guantanamo Diary in censored form because the US some passages removed. His lawyer had to pull the cart to the book years to publish.

The book became a bestseller. The Americans love now sixty men stuck in Guantanamo, according to the Ministry of defence in Washington Monday.

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