' Mcharmel ' refers to agent in Morocco with machete on helmet

A motorcycle COP in Fes is narrowly escaped death after a violent confrontation.

The agent went Tuesday on a message in which a fugitive criminal agents and citizens at risk by threatening them with a large knife. When the suspect who benefited most, he hit the helmet of the agent, who thereby had to pull his weapon. He fired at least one bullet which is not known whether this has hit the suspect or in warning.

Given the seriousness of the attack it is more logical that the agent focused has shot. After the firing, said the suspect could be handcuffed and hauled away the DGSN Moroccan police authority. The coat of arms of the suspect was seized while the suspect in hysterical State was when he was secured.

Detecting and locking up of these ' criminals ' is according to Tcharmil-DGSN a priority after repeatedly request of citizens to harder to act. It is partly for this reason that the police leadership gave agents permission to faster the weapon.