Moroccan truck driver died as a result of malaria

At Moroccan lorry drivers who drive their freight to sub-Saharan countries is light panic created by the death of a colleague.

Al Massae today reports that a truck driver has died after he contracted malaria. His colleagues are in shock and fear the worst, especially because another driver also is infected. He is in coma. The deceased driver suddenly became ill when he was en route to Senegal. Colleagues knew him to Morocco in the Guerguerat, South Morocco, to transport.

In the deserted area they could find no ambulance, however, after which the sick man was transported by truck to Agadir, where he was helped in the Hassan II hospital. Any help to no avail. The same hospital also received the other victim, his condition is critical.

In both cases, strong reactions expressed by trade unionists in the transport sector. They complain about the circumstances in which the drivers have to operate as they have to travel to countries under the Moroccan Sahara. They regret the fact that there are no vaccines are available and that they have to travel to Casablanca on the cheap against malaria. Costs are 700 dirham.

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