Young man killed girlfriend in Morocco to suspect sihr

A young man has Zmamra in Khmiss, province of El Jadida, his lover stabbed to death and then did a suicide attempt.

The town of Khmiss Zmamra was rocked by a violent incident in which two young adults were involved. Assabah today reports that the 24-year-old offender after his suicide attempt is included in the intensive care unit of the Mohammed V hospital in El Jadida, where he underwent a gastric lavage. He had swallowed poisonous substances in order to put an end to his life.

Shortly before that had the Assistant to a grocery shop in Douar Lehkachka his girlfriend murdered. The 19-year-old victim and the man had a romantic relationship. Because the offender recently went through a difficult period in which he both physically and psychologically complaints got he pointed the finger at his girlfriend. He accused her of witchcraft.

In order to fulfill his thirst for revenge, he left on the day of a date with a knife under his clothes. After expressing his doubts he was the young lady wild and soon created a hefty quarrel. The offender saw his opportunity, drew his weapon and put his girlfriend there three times with it. Witnesses tried to save the girl yet but any help to no avail.

Soon after tried to deprive the offender himself of life, but failed. He is under observation in hospital.

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