Court bends over gifmoord Nasr s. on wife Marian

Marian Hahn bookseller in 2012 is poisoned by her own husband? Or how did they are different to life, but how?

Her husband was sentenced to eighteen years imprisonment in 2013, but went on appeal. The Court in Arnhem treats the case Wednesday and then gets the results of a new research on the poison sodium azide that Hafez had in her body. The Wageninger Nasr s. denies something with the murder of 60-year-old woman were to be dealing.

The Court in Arnhem did find proved that he twice the toxic sodium azide settled via his girlfriend, a technician from the UMC Nijmegen, to fight in to mice. This stuff, however, he mixed by eating and drinking of his wife. She was terribly sick of there from October 2011. From may she got new doses administered, which were fatal.

The Court called it "a horrific and brutal murder, which on almost agonizing way is consummated".

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