Set man held for years as a slave

The prosecution wants a years of imprisonment demands against a couple from Tubbergen that a mentally handicapped man as a slave.

That turned out Tuesday during a pro-forma session in this criminal case in Almelo. The victim made according to the working days of 17 hours, seven days a week. At barely more than room and Board he carried out work for companies of the defendant or co-defendant. at night he sat locked in a caravan or barn. The Prosecutor described it as "a loft without sanitation with the lock out".

She assured that the strafeis certainly above the two years in prison. The 58-year-old and 45-year-old Maria Arend b. k., who sat crying in the courtroom, remain stuck. The Court be a request for the provisional release of the duo. The alleged victim, who himself stepped to the police, because of a low IQ, a past as a drug addict and with hefty debts described as ' particularly vulnerable '.

The man lived on the streets before the couple got to know him. He would of been 22nd until his 30th birthday by the bunch in Tubbergen are abused, threatened and exploited. The case goes on 6 January.

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