Old Moroccan man gets beating after Kiss attempt (video)

A video appeared on social networking dominates the Moroccan news.

In the video you can see that an older man in the Rif region normally next to a woman to talk like he suddenly looks around and the woman tries to kiss. Also he grabs her bite. However, he was counting on a back fighting woman, who gives him a lot of along with a stick. At that time filmed someone from within the whole scene. That can point to the fact that it happened more often and the woman was counting on a try.

However, for the time being it is guessing the true extent and the relationship between the two. The Moroccan press has also still no signals about possible declaration due to sexual assault, attempted sexual abuse or from the man for assault.

[video = youtube; 7tRPr7ukRaA] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 7tRPr7ukRaA [/video]

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