Security services Morocco on sharp to Mosul

After the international offensive to liberate the Iraqi city Mosul to the Moroccan security services have Dahl well on.

International reports warn of the return of Daesh-trailer to their countries of origin. According to Akhbar Al Yaoum in Iraq would go to 2,500 potential returnees. ' What will their mission after this fight? ' asks, Le360 is right. International security services fear for return and a displacement of the battlefield to these countries.

Ajlaoui Lamssaoui, a Moroccan specialist in the field of terrorism, says in front of the newspaper that he there in the case of Morocco a different view. According to him, the return of Moroccan Daesh fighters virtually excluded. Lamssaoui States that Moroccans almost certainly be killed by their leaders because they are ' used ' to be in the front lines to fight.

And if they want to escape Iraq, they would rather choose for Daesh in Syria, said the specialist.