Council member in Morocco by municipality President scolded for ' 3azzi ' and slave

A councillor has filed a complaint against a municipality President in Morocco for racist insult.

Al Massae brings the scandal today in the publicity. Never before would be such a case to outside. The municipal President, who in Morocco has the power in a certain municipality, Faouzi Bac of the Istiqlal Party and working in the municipality Harhoura, near Rabat. During a special session of the City Council he fell out against party colleague, Mustapha T.

BAC would have scolded him several times for ' 3antiz ', ' 3azzi ' and called him even slave. He did so in the presence of the representative of the local authority and other City Council members. T decided after the tirade Declaration at the Royal Gendarmerie in Harhoura.

The newspaper know the anger of Bac. The leadership would discuss the budget of the city during the session but that was rejected for the second time because work was not properly done. T is according to him ' double guilty "because he has the function of Chairman for the Committee for budget and finance.

BAC is known as person where quite a few scandals stick to. During the elections of 7 October, he was given the task to improve its image for the sake of the party. Outcome: a lawsuit against him because of racism and insult.

faouzi bac
mustapha t