Horses sector Morocco doing well

The horse is doing very well in Morocco. The horse sector appears to be promising.

This reports The Economist today. The horse industry got a new strategy in 2011 and this turns out to be a shot in the giant. In just five years, the structured sector and are the foundations strengthened. The sector provides jobs for 30,000 and now accounts for 0.6% of GDP and has a value of six billion dirham. In 2007 it was still half.

Horse breeders and other stakeholders unite in the organization ' SOREC ' and are happy that they have embarked on a new road in 2011 for economic and social development of the sector. The plan was divided into three parts: the development of the use of the animal, the promotion of the Moroccan horse and maintaining ' Barbe ' race.

Important it is to breed but also training in the horse industry. This should increase the number of professionals and improve their skills. Other efforts focused on improving the quality of livestock and more staff.

Results are immediately visible. One is that the number of births per year by as much as 24% at the five major races. That's three times as many than in 2011. Also, between 2011 and 2015 500 extra horse racing organized and the number of participating horses increased to 650 starters. A total of 2,300 races are organized.

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