Again abuse by so-called ' fqih ' in Morocco

In Casablanca, the ignorance around quacks again a victim.

Quacks arise in Morocco for as pious people who with their knowledge of the Koran believe to be able to treat people at accident at the love or obsession. In reality, the performers of black magic and often sex-crazed viespeuken. That also has a 22-year-old young lady in the El Oulfa encountered in Casablanca. According to Assabah came the so-called ' fqih ' last Monday for the Prosecutor.

The 54-year-old man would be the victim and her sister have more blessings promised by his treatment. During the first appointment, both women, while the quack eventually preyed on a visit of only the young sister. He asked her only to come for a special session in which he would recite Quran for blessings.

According to the newspaper he chose for a day which he knew his four children and his wife on family visits were going to be home alone with the young woman. He then invited her to a room which he locked the door did. To make matters worse for the victim he made her point that she is possessed by a Jinn and treatment needs.

Despite the protests of the victim, who probably felt that something was not right, did the man as if he was in trance and treatment began. He recited the Koran and forced the young woman to undress. He raped her making them lost her virginity. After the shocking incident they warned her sister after which they went together to the police.

Even before the Declaration, the women went to a gynecologist for proof of the abuse. With a statement in bag they left to the police, agents were then able to do nothing but to arrest the crook. The man gave the rape and justified this by stating that it was a "moment of weakness".

Police are investigating whether he multiple victims.

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