Morocco loses hundreds of millions by blockade call-apps

The Moroccan economy has lost 320 million dollars as a result of the decision to block VoIP services.

The Moroccan Government decided in January to make free calls with Skype for example, WhatsApp and ban. In a report of the American Center for Technological Innovation, affiliated with the Brookings Institute. Darrell m. West is author of the report and focused on the economic damage caused by the blockade of certain internet services. In Morocco goes especially to the blockade of this calling service offerings. West estimates the damage around the world on $2.4 billion.

The hardest hit country is India, with 968 million dollars, followed by Saudi Arabia with a damage of 465 million dollars. Morocco follows place third with 320 million dollars. Iraq (209 million dollars) and Congo (72 million) complete the top five. This report will only contribute to the disaffection of Moroccans on the decision.

darrell m