Men held for antihomoflyer Amsterdam

Police have arrested three men for distributing a antihomoflyer in Amsterdam-West and Nieuw-West, last Sunday.

It's going to be a rotterdammer (39) and two Hagenaars (both 29). They have confessed that they have distributed the flyer. They wanted to unleash a discussion. The police had come by the men on the trail camera images. After interrogation, they are sent home. The public prosecutor's Office has yet to determine whether the content of the flyer is punishable. The interrogations of the men are taken into account, police said.

In the directory, which in people in the bus was done, allows, inter alia, that homosexuality is forbidden according to islam, Judaism and Christianity. The writers also claim that 29 percent of children of homosexual parents are abused. The flyer led to much outrage. A number of people have registered.