Work as a prankster never stops for Ali B

Ali B sees himself as court jester. The 35-year-old Moroccan-Dutch rapper, comedian, presenter and stand-up comedian sees it as its task to break taboos by jokes about it.

That lay Ali Thursday night out in full houses, the AVRO TROS program by Cornald Maas. "A court jester may go nuts and make all the excitement over those topics way through there to make jokes about. And he should, "says Ali. He is from childhood to all a jester. "I come from the Moroccan culture and there you have a lot of taboos. I was maybe six years and then they said already: that boy encourages not, let him. At one point I'm really every year used to do things you shouldn't do in Moroccan culture. "

Ali shuts itself still that same function. "That tension around all kinds of topics is just not fine. Some people have the talent to get over those topics things to say that wrong would fall if anyone else it would say. But if the court jester it says, everyone must laugh. " His work as court jester is probably never on, treasure Ali in. "A court jester will always new subjects that uptight, discharged through humor. That's just my thing in life. "

ali b