Tire industry understands nothing of fuss about artificial grass

Representatives of the tyre industry understand any of the fuss created by a broadcast by Zembla about possible health risks of sports on artificial turf fields with crushed car tyres as a fill material.

There are "tens" studies that show that the so-called SBR-granular of tires is safe, and environment and VACO Band Association. "I leave my own grandchildren just play on artificial turf," says Director Kees van Austria by Band and the environment, the organisation responsible for the collection and recycling of all eight million end-of-life tyres per year in Netherlands.

The use of rubber granules on artificial turf fields plays an important role in the recycling chain by the tire industry. Of the material of collected 70 percent recycled tires, much of which fill in artificial turf. In Netherlands are about two thousand artificial pitches of at least 300,000 euros each. By far the largest part of which lies on rubber granules.

An investigation of IndusTox to the health effects of the rubber granules under the supervision of the National Institute for public health and the environment (RIVM) where the industry itself with fences, according to experts interviewed by Zembla rattling. The RIVM is doing additional research.

Band and also additional research environment and VACO will itself. They also offer sports clubs to see if the rubber granules on their artificial turf fields of SBR rubber. On a field in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht was rubber-industrial and local residents were sick.

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