Furrowed eyebrows in Canada to bizarre burglary

The police in Vancouver warns its inhabitants to doors and Windows locked to do after a bizarre burglary.

A 35-year-old Canadian is provided access to a home, pulled his clothes off and started to bake eggs. That reported CTV Vancouver Thursday night. According to police investigators the burglar wanted to prepare a meal in the kitchen. In doing so, he destroyed the oven and microwave. At the time of the burglary was a resident in another room watching television. He heard someone come in but assumed it was his roommate.

When he decided a look at he discovered the naked stranger. He chased him out of the House and called the police, who arrested the man a little further. This incident was insane enough not the first time that the police in Vancouver a naked Burglar arrested those eggs to prepare. They arrested in 2013 a burglar nude was cooking.

This burglar even had taken a shower before he in the kitchen with the eggs.