dinner is not healthy

in the evening, eat a hot meal with all the trimmings, is not so best. It means you have to go to bed with a full stomach and makes you fat.

Kilojoules do you most need during the day, when you're working and therefore energy consumed. Research by the University of Nottingham in Britain refers to the history, when our ancestors ate hot afternoon at home. But workers go today at lunch no longer home to eat, they do on their work. At the Office or factory are fast, little nutritious lunches eaten. Hot food we do home at night.

Women who eat the most food during the day, as it turned out from research, lost more weight. Also the level of the hormone insulin, which AIDS in the digestion of food, it turned out much better than in women who ate a hearty dinner in the evening. An upset insulin level ensures that well-known constant hunger feeling that encourages eating.

Lunch tips of the scientists: lasagne with salad or stewed chicken. The food in the afternoon does not necessarily have to be hot. Care now though plenty of proteins, grains and vegetables. Dinner tips: stay under the 1500 kilojoules. Eat some soup, salad and a sandwich. For those who love a dessert after lunch: eat yogurt or a fruit salad.