' Old hand ' Ali sees his chance in The Voice

Now for the first time since coach Marco Borsato 2011 no more is in The Voice of Holland, Ali B sees his chance.

"I am now the old hand and that gives me a for particle", he says to Rachael. "I have learned over the years how Netherlands votes and what the public wants to hear. That can definitely help me, "says Ali about his for particle. "I love Note If I determine my tactics, for example at the songs."

Mourn the departure of Marco, who are too busy to the recordings of the talent show by RTL 4 to combine with his singing career, Ali did not. "I am sure happy with it, get out of here," jokes the rapper. "With Marco there you never win. That he is gone, is the only advantage of this new coaches. "

Not only Marco decided not to return on the Red swivel chairs, Anouk is not also of the party in the seventh series of the show. Guus Meeuwis and Waylon Friday night make their debut as coaches. Ali prepared the men for their new role. "I have checked what was the last few seasons and sometimes what ingredients are needed. So it is important that we all can. There we have it in advance, so that we had during the shooting good jokes. "

Now she is the only Lady, Sanne Hans notes that those jokes to her just a little milder. "Everyone tease each other and I do just as hard with it, but I'm getting a little spared", she laughs. "We know each other's weak spots can be found. And at times when it should be, I have my male. "

Now Waylon and Guus, participate, notes are S that a whole new group of unknown talent has risen. "Guus attracts the people who for the songs, the chansons. Waylon is doing especially well among women, "jokes the singer. "He also attracts the real rockers. I also called, but the talents that choose for me are yet some more in the corner of the singer-songwriters. With the new coaches, there is more variety, more choice for the participants. "

The new coaches are according to Sanne ' formidable opponents '. "Guus is quite fun. He is smart, spontaneous and just who he is. And he had, like Waylon, with words by quickly that he must fight to the talents. They align themselves would like to join his team, everyone feels fine with him. "

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