Fear of being left behind suitcase in Marrakech

The security services of Marrakech have overtime last Wednesday turned to a suspicious suitcase.

Ahdath Al Maghribiya today reports that a woman in nikaab the big black suitcase left behind in Bab Doukkala, Marrakech region. The suitcase was left outside the headquarters of the Socialist Unity Party and close to many cafes, banks and other companies. Especially since it was a busy place all significant alarm bells ringing.

After the suitcase was left disappeared women. Enabled services decided to clear and the area immediately. Explosives specialists then examined the case. At that time the woman suddenly on death, this time accompanied by her son. She wanted her suitcase back.

The young man explained that his mother by fatigue from a long trip the suitcase was forgotten on the sidewalk. After checking the suitcase turned out clothes to sit in and other non-hazardous products. ' So much trouble for this? In these times is the ' better safe than sorry '', writes Le360.

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