Police keep virtual horror clown to

Police have arrested a man Thursday evening in Maassluis who earlier in the week on social media has occurred as so-called ' horror clown '.

This led to unrest among groups of young people in that place. The 44-year-old man is stuck for sedition, let the police know Friday. Wednesday put the guy a message on social media in which he wrote that he would appear as a clown on the square in front of the station Maassluis West. More than one hundred young people gathered on the square. The clown yourself never showed up.

While waiting, the young people with each other on the fist and they destroyed everything on the street, such as billboards. Then shifted the troublemakers themselves to places elsewhere in the city, where they were driven out by the police. Agents were able behaviour persist for three young people.

The police took the matter high on and wanted to know who is behind the call. After some detective work they met the suspect on the track and he could be arrested.

horror clowns