Requirement three years in prison for run over and kill kindergarten N (3)

Against the 18-year-old Elias a. from Breda's Friday in court in Breda demanded three years in prison, one years probation.

He drove to high speed according to the Prosecutor's Office with a lot of the three-year toddler Nassim death. A. rode on Koningsdag this year about the veurnestraat in Breda. 30 kilometers per hour is the maximum, but a. drove 80, calculated the Dutch Forensic Institute. Nassim was playing on the street and came in below the overlook. The little boy was tens of meters swept away and died on the spot. A. drove off and reported to the police only hours later.

Apart from the imprisonment demanded the Prosecutor also a license suspension of eight years. The man was already a few times convicted of driving without a license. At the accident inhibited a. not. He told the Court that he had heard a bang, but was continued. Only five hours later he enlisted at the police station. The accused, who had only two months his licence, said he was startled and therefore continued forward. He said ' really very very much regret '.

Justice sued the man initially for manslaughter, but that was not to prove. However, death by proven guilty, the Prosecutor. "It's shocking that he realized immediately that he is a child, looked over his shoulder and yet continued forward," said Prosecutor Marieke Said. They did not report to the police "ruthless and calculating. He reported only when it was too hot under his feet. "

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