Agent under fire district to tweet about Moroccans

Some agents ... * sigh *

A district agent in Emmen has on the night of Thursday to Friday let quite common by enjoying human suffering. In this case it went to Moroccans, so may be it. In a onderbuiktweet full of assumptions wrote the district agent: ' last train in Emmen with number of Moroccans seeking happiness. Want to go to Ter Apel, but missed bus. Pleasant walk than but!! '

Then it rained complaints on the message. ' This really can't. An agent who openly visibly enjoying the suffering of people is anything but professional. ' Also police finally decided to respond to Emmen. In a tweet says the agency that the tweet has been removed and that the agent ' is called to his statements '.

We're going to get it there anyway to hear, the ' what if '. We wonder: what if the agent in question an immigrant Dutchman was that the manifestations did about a certain population group that we're going to call but not?

ter apel