Dutch journalist wounded in Iraq

The Dutch war reporter Bud Wai's Friday night injured during a shelling by a sniper in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

He ran a s shot on to his arm, he reported to RTL news. "I was at work in the Centre of Kirkuk. We found it unsafe and wanted back to our House. To get to the car, we had to cross a street. I ran and all of a sudden started a sniper to shoot. " On the other side of the street felt Wai that he was hit. "I suddenly felt a burning pain in my left arm. I made one last jump, but lost my balance and fell. "

It turned out to have been a bullet. Waite had to ' arm in a cast, he ran bruised wrists on and there's a tear in his nose. Wai works as a freelancer including BNR Nieuwsradio.

bud wichers
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