Moroccan officials earn on average 7,700 dirham

The Moroccan Government is a good employer to payroll area, especially when compared to other sectors.

The average salary of civil servants is 7,700 this year dirham and is very strongly increased in recent years. The average salary in 2007 was still 5.3333 dirham, an increase of over 44% in just nine years, reports La Vie Eco, an economic journal in Morocco. Moroccan officials earn on average 3.2 times more than the average householder.

In Tunisia, for example, that 1.5 times as much and in Jordan and Turkey respectively 1.4 and 1.1. The Ministry of Justice is still the most generous government institution, that is the salary on average 13,300 dirham. That is an increase of 79% in the past seven years, according to the journal.

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