Big names during gala game Green Mars Morocco

Not just football icon Diego Maradona will be admired in the renovated Stadium of Laayoune.

On the occasion of the 41st celebration of the Green March, where King Hassan II called the Moroccans massively towards our Sahara to go in response to the Spanish occupation, there is among other things a gala game place. Only Diego Maradona was initially known as one of the big names who would participate here. It now appears, based on sources to and around the Moroccan Football Federation, which is still more famous former football players will contest the gala.

Apart from the celebration of the Green March will also be renovated Sheikh Mohamed Laghdaf Stadium (see photo) reopened. Also last year, the gala match played here. The arrival of Maradona is not yet officially confirmed otherwise. Other names circulating include that of George Weah (ex Chelsea), Rivaldo (ex Barcelona) and Alessandro Altobelli (ex Juventus).

To Maradona yet over there would be, a responsible within the Moroccan Football Federation to EFE, just like last year, an unknown amount of money are offered to the Argentine.

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