Morocco terror suspects get heavy sentences

The Court in Sale has spoken out about a group of terror suspects.

According to State press agency FOLDER ruled Thursday on the terror suspects. In the case were punishments ranging from 2 to 20 years pronounced against 13 suspects. So had two suspects cell imposed 20 years, two others ten years, and one person got 12 years to hear. Three people heard the sentence of 8 years while three others got four years.

The role of two others was so small that there is ' only ' two years was pronounced. The Group was suspected of forming a terrorist group to commit acts of terrorism. Also they would have had weapons, terrorist acts have emblazoned and have money managed for terror purposes. The cell was rolled up in april 2015. They heard in their own words at Daesh.

At their arrest were firearms, computer equipment and cash seized. Lawyers of the defendants argued during the process even for extenuating circumstances but that was hardly the right in with it.