The incredibly sad story of Oumnia (16) from Tanger

In a neighborhood of Fes has spent the past time been able to develop a shockingly sad story starring a 16 year-old girl.

The victim was raped several times and could rely on no one. Al Massae brings her situation in the publicity. Her mother died last month in Beni Mekada in Tangier. When the girl decided to Fes to leave in the hope to find work and for herself. It was all different. During her first night she could find no shelter by giving them the night outside.

She got to do with sexual assault and did return. Because finding work and accommodation not so easy, she is forced to stroll through the streets. That gave others the chance to exploit her position. She is raped several times in the District of Sidi Baldry. One of her attackers has been arrested because they knew his name to remember.

A local Association has of the case heard and Oumnia taken care of. The head of the Association makes clear that the girl in front of the newspaper very serious psychological state. She is virtually day and night fearful and comes but not from these anxiety attacks. Police are investigating the case.

sidi baldry